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I am pleased to share that I am going to be starting my Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Nevada, Reno, while doing research in the Neuromechanics Lab! I joined the lab as a graduate researcher in June of 2022, ahead of my coursework starting in the fall. Thus far I've been able to conduct baseline assessments for the UNR student-athletes, work with neurocognitive assessment data and play a role in recruitment for a large repetitive head impact (RHI) study. I am grateful for this incredible experience, and I am excited to see where my research will take me.

Follow this link to read more about the Neuromechanics Lab; *note my profile is not available on the lab page yet, but it will be soon.

In light of my move to UNR, I was recently featured in "The South Dakotan", an alumni newsletter from my alma mater the University of South Dakota. The article talks about my collegiate concussion, and how I decided I wanted to pursue a career in concussion research. The best part about this article is that it was written by my best friend and college roommate Madilyn! The link to that article can be found here;

A photo of Madilyn and I at the start of our senior year at USD

My visit to UNR in March of 2022

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